H5P for Moodle 3.2?

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At the moment H5P 1.0-rc.5 is only for Moodle 2.7 to 3.1

Is there any release date of H5P for Moodle 3.2? 


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Hi Christian,

H5P has not been officially tested on Moodle 3.2, and there is no release date for this either.
I'm unsure what has changed in Moodle 3.2, but most likely H5P should work out of the box with this version as it is just a new minor version of Moodle. There will most likely be an official test of Moodle 3.2 for the next release.

- Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

thanks for the info :-)


Hi just installed mod_hvp in Moodle 3.2 and no issues on installing. However Moodle 3.2 works with a new theme based on Bootstrap 4 called Boost. Using that theme the H5P editor is really small and not workable on creating content through the plugin. You can however change the theme back to the 3.1 Clean theme where it works as expected. Using Boost you can still upload contentpackages created on h5p.org.

When will there be a next release for Moodle 3.2?


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Try this. In your Moodle site, logged in as Admin, go to Dashboard -> Site administration -> Appearance -> Themes -> Boost -> Advanced Settings.

In the Raw initial SCSS box add this CSS rule:

.form-control-static {width:100%}


That fix (.form-control...) works to make the interactive control wide enough to be useful. Thanks!

Thanks that fix worked brilliantly

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You can follow the progress in fixing Moodle 3.2 compatibility here.

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Thanks for the fix!  It is most welcome. :)

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And it's on it's way to the Moodle plugins site, any day now, for those wondering where it is.

- Tom


Thanks for this brilliant tool. It's helping to educate some of the most vulnerable and isolasted students in Western Australia.

The bug described above (editor not workable in Boost theme) is still broken for us. We're using Moodle 3.5.6+ (Build: 20190514). Our H5P plugin version is 1.18 (2019052100).

The CSS fix works, but the "out of the box" plugin doesn't. This is the case on multiple installs - both upgraded and clean. I thought you'd like to know.