How to move H5P content data


I want to move my existing content from the wordpress system I'm working with to a new wordpress on a different domain. I have tried copying the main database files 

wp_h5p_contents, wp_h5p_contents_libraries, wp_h5p_contents_user_data

But that didn't work. Can you please let me know if it's possible to move my existing content to a different wordpress on a different server and what are the steps needed to do this (What information I need to copy across to the new wordpress installation)?

Thanks for you help

AR Tawil

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If you don't have a lot of content the easiest way is probably to enable the download option, download all your H5Ps as .h5p files and upload them to the new system.

Hi AR Tawil,

Did you find a solution for this in the end? Thanks

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There are also some files created by h5p, that needs to be moved over from the old system to the new.

If you are part of a multisite installation, it might be a bit harder to figure out where to put stuff, but it should teoretically be possible.

If you are successful, please let us know how you did it.

- Tom

Hey everyone,

I have a smiliar problem and was wondering if someone has found a solution for this. We have to migrate our Wordpress multisite (on which h5p is running as PlugIn), which has several hundred h5p modules. It would be quite tedious to migrate everything by hand (using download/upload). Also there are already some existing Wordpress Sites on the target site. Migrating the Wordpress Content is not a problem, but the h5p content is not being transferred. Which leaves me with lots of [h5p id="x"] but no content. I was thinking that a possible solution might be to transfer the MySQL tables. I had a first look at the database and it seems each Wordpress Site has a few h5p tables.

Like AR Tawil wrote I was thinking abou transferring the wp_h5p_contents, wp_h5p_contents_libraries, wp_h5p_contents_user_data, but I would have to  to copy those and change the IDs to match the existing Wordpress content. For example there is a table wp_19_h5p_xxxx on the old site which I would like to use as wp_47_h5p_xxxx on the new site. Does the wp_ID appear inside the tables as well (which would make it impossible to align them)?

Also if anyone have a different idea on how to go about this you would be very welcome (also if you could point me in the right direction if you know someone else who might be able to help me).

-- Melanie

Hi, I accomplished this, so I'm writing for future references.

Mysql --> I copied all tables with the name h5p. I had to rename them to my local setup.

SSH Terminal --> Then I zipped the uploads/h5p entire folder, downloaded it (FileZilla), and then unzip it in my local environment (Finder).

Everything went well.

Hi THINkey! 

I am really happy that you figured something out to solve this problem. I unfortunately have the same. Could you be a but more specific about how you did it? How and why did you have to rename the tables?

If you could describe the process it more detalled you could save me A LOT of work!