Importing and Downloading in Moodle 2.8

I have built an activity in a demo course in Moodle and would now like to move it to the appropriate course.

However I am finding the following:

1. When I use the Import feature in Moodle, the H5P activity does not show in the list

2. When I try to add it to the Sharing Cart plugin, it produces an error

3. When I turn on/off the Download and Embed options, it seems to make no difference. Indeed, Moodle does not remember my selection.

So I can't download it and I can't import it! Help!



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From dgonzales1986,

Hi I've created a course that I would like to replicate, but when I try to import the h5p activity it doesn't work.  I've also tried backing up the original, downloading it, and importing it and that doesn't work.  The h5p activity is just blank... I have multiple classes that will be using the same course and don't want to have to recreate it for every class.  Do you know how I would be able to take a moodle course that has a single h5p activity and easily duplicate it into other courses? Any help is appreciated.

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The problem might be related to this issue on Github.

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Have you tried downloading the h5p (button underneath the content when viewing it)? And uploading it again using Create Activity → Interactive Content →Action = "Upload"?

I've created a Jira task on fixing the backup/restore process. Is that what you need?

- Tom

Hi Tomaj

Thanks for your reply. We have tried this but some of our contributors will want to build content directly in Moodle for privacy reasons (we deal with some sensitive subjects) and therefore will need the Import/Export function in Moodle.

As stated in another post, I can't see a Download option within the Moodle activity.


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See iccs comment below. It's not implemented, but there is a ticket (#27) on this.

Just to add:

Having part of Backup/Restore is great. But being able to use the Import function would be much quicker and easier.

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The import feature actually uses the same functionality as backup/restore, so when the issue with restoring backups is finally solved the import feature will start working as well.

Progress on this issue can be monitored here: #27