Update h5p to 1.7


I want install de course presentation and when i want try install appear this message:

The library "H5P.Collage-0.2" requires H5P 1.7, but only H5P 1.6 is installed.

How can possible to update de 1.6 to 1.7?



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Hi. Which platform are you on? Drupal? Wordpress?

You need to upgrade the plugin for that platform. (Not just a h5p library)

Good luck!

- Tom

I want update my efront platform.


User is pro and password is pro2016.



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I think you need to ask on the efront pro forum, how to update the h5p plugin.

And I recommend that you change your password, so that nobody misuses your account. :)

- Tom

I was wondering whether there was some kind of lapse in updates. I'm running the October version and cannot update to the December version in Moodle, which tells me I have the latest plugin. See files attached. I'm on Moodle 3.1. I don't have the Math activity in Moodle either. Should I re-install? If so, how should I save existing h5p activities?



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That is very strange, the 1.0-rc.5 should be 1.11. Could you verify that the lines 1677 – 1680 in the mod/hvp/library/h5p.classes.php files equals to the following?

public static $coreApi = array(
  'majorVersion' => 1,
  'minorVersion' => 11

If not, I think something may have gone wrong with the plugin update and you should try to download the plugin again, deleting the old hvp folder and then unpacking the new one. (to ensure that all files are updated)

Note that doing this should not affect your content in any way, but it's always recommended to do a backup of the system before updating anything.

I'm back, we had lots of important birthdays on the last couple of months...and looking forward to learning and sharing some more.

So surprised, tried upgrading without success (?) to the 01 March version. The file uploads into the file box on the Moodle h5p Library page (I see the progress bar showing upload and an .h5p file appears in the box), but when I click on upload nothing happens. Looking at the Moodle plugin overview page, I'm actually on rc6 (see pic)! I thought I'd updated to rc7 because the new memory (2 different cards) works. Is it an rc6 feature? I have papi jo's shuffling dialogue cards but I downloaded these from his web site (thanks again) so it's not version-related.

This explains why course export/import did not work with h5p a few days back. So, I am going to upgrade manually to rc8 (rc7 sounded so delicious and to say I thought I was using it...)

As for the h5p.classes.php equals: 

public static $coreApi = array( 'majorVersion' => 1, 'minorVersion' => 12

So, the upgrades apparently haven't worked since my last message and manual upgrade.

But I am very confused by the memory cards - which upgrade did they first appear in? In rc6 or rc7?

Also, just to check I understand all this: all h5ps on my site are located in the moodledata folder somewhere, but the plugin and what needs to be updated are in the public moodle folder right?

Thanks :)

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Hi Maude,

Memory game  has been around for a long time (longer then the Moodle plugin), but it got a large update in the latest release.

I'm not sure how Papa Jo's content type identifies itself. Are you having trouble with this, or was it just confusing?

The H5P Moodle plugin uses some Moodle specific api's to save files. So I think it is stored in the moodledata folder.

- Tom

Hi Tomaj

I think the h5p files are located in moodledata/filedir, and not as I learned under /moodlesite/mod/hvp. 

I'd like to work out this updating issue and have a feeling updates are partially made, sometimes. I saw it was mentioned on github in November. 

the upgrade did not go as well as last time because my old instance of h5p which I'd renamed (to keep the old folder as a backup) was removed during installation. I don't remember how I did it last time, but this time, I renamed the hvp folder to hvprc6 and unzipped the rc8 plugin downloaded from moodle into the mod folder.

Then, I went back to my site, could not access h5p content (404s) and suddently was asked to register my moodle site again (?). Then, I somehow got to the plugin page after several 404s, where the h5p upgrade was announced. It did not click that by agreeing to cancel the h5prc6 installation and go ahead with h5prc8 I was deleting my older folder - I thought this message was related to the inital versioning problem. Anyway, so my old hvprc6 directory is empty :-( and the interactive content doesn't work. If I edit an activity, it states the libraries can't be found. 

I'll get a new backup from the hosting services - the hvp folder and anything else?

Where did I go wrong - was it with the folder names? If I rename the rc6 folder to "oldversion" and unzip rc6 into mod, should that work? What about the broken link to existing content? Has existing content been wiped out because of Moodle removing version rc6?

Thanks :-0

I noticed that all permissions were reset to 0777. 

So I set all the permissions as they were before in rc6 and now everything works again :-) in rc8. Really pleased.

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I'm happy to hear that tings worked out for you. :)

- Tom

I was able to do a Memory game to match 2 different images on rc6. At the begninng, we could match only 1 picture to itself, so to speak.

So I was wondering if my Moodle site receives partial library updates since I was able to make 2-picture Memory on what Moodle recognized as rc6. If 2-picture Memory wasn't a feature of rc6, then, it would mean that the libraries are partially updated through Moodle's upload/update h5p Libraries page but the update is not complete as I was 2 versions behind despite updating the h5p Libraries.

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The update to Memory Game is not related to the H5P plugin version, only the library version of Memory Game. This means that when you updated from rc6 to rc8 none of your libraries are updated. If it is an install of the plugin, the latest libraries from H5P.org will also be downloaded, otherwise you will have to upload the new libraries as a separate process from the H5P Libraries page.

Make sure that Memory Game is at the latest version in the H5P Libraries page. You are also able to update old content here, so that all your content sports the latest version of Memory Game. Could you check if any of your content is using the old Memory Game version of the H5P libraries page ? This could be the reason why some of your Memory Game content has the 2-picture feature, while some doesn't. To fix this you would press the green arrow to update the old content.

very interesting, thank you. So the updating issue in Moodle concerns the rcx bit and not the librairies.

All my games are up-to-date because if none of the arrows turn green, I update through the cp. On the 3.2 dev site, the rc did not update but there were green arrows, with sometimes a drop down list with version numbers. I always choose the highest number :) 

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Very well, it seems like you have done everything correctly. I would encourage you to always update the libraries when you update the core (rcx version of the Moodle plugin). The official libraries package is always released at the bottom of the update-all-content-types page.

Are you still experiencing that some of the Memory Game content only have the possibility of matching 1 image to itself ?