Stops content from being published


Firstly I must say that we love your plugin. We are having an issue though. When we install the plugin on our wordpress website, any content that we publish does not show up on the front end. We mean content on our new pages, any page that we create. We are using Pagebuilder plugin as our main content editing plugin. When we deactivate h5p, things return to normal. Can you give us some suggestions on getting things to work, please?

We'd love to be able to use your plugin on our site.

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The content never shows?
Could you check your web browser's console (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome) for any error messages?

I'm guessing that either there's a JavaScript error or the Pagebuilder plugin uses JavaScript or AJAX to insert content, which means that the H5P content won't be initialized.

Hello, sorry I took so long to respond.
What I meant is that when we activate h5p, new content to our website is not displayed. It stops us from displaying the new content... our new content, though published is not being seen. When we deactivate h5p everything returns to normal. For example, say we activate h5p, and we want to now add a new page or post in wordpress, the content on new pages or posts do not show up. The same goes if we want to add/ change content on existing pages.

We love h5p and I know it has alot of potential for our website. That's why we would love to have a solution to this issue.



Hi, I've justed retested and it works. I changed the options under the settings. Thanks again.

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I'm glad that you got it working. Sounds like there was some sort of PHP error.