New Release: Embedding H5Ps in Moodle and Hub Improvements

The software updates described here has been available since the 28th of November. We're sorry about the delay in publishing this release note.

The Moodle plugin has been improved significantly this release and so has the Hub. I'm proud to share that embed is now available in Moodle and so is the ability to set the passing grade for H5Ps. We've made it easier for admins to support the Hub amongst many behind the scenes bug fixes. 

Embed H5P in Moodle

Many people in the Moodle community have been asking for the ability to embed H5P content in different parts of Moodle and I am pleased to announce it is now possible!

With the latest release of the Moodle plugin you will be able to embed H5Ps on the front page of courses and in almost any other Moodle page that accepts HTML as input. All you have to do is copy the embed code found at the bottom of the H5P container and paste it into a label. Note that you will have to press the 'html' button first. The screencast below shows how it's done. We'll be back later with an Atto plugin to make this even easier.


Set Passing Grades for H5Ps in Moodle

Another highly sought after feature that has been missing from the H5P plugin has been to make the 'Passing grade' option for H5Ps more available. We've taken inspiration from Moodle's default Quiz plugin and it is now available in the latest release and should be just as easy to use:


Now course creators will be able to know when an H5P activity is completed and most importantly, when an entire course is completed. 


Making it easier for admins to support the Hub

The Content Type Hub was designed to make it easy for users to be notified of new content types and updates to existing ones. This worked a little too well since users all over the world have been excitedly messaging their admins eager to try out the latest content types. 

Unfortunately, some IT departments have been so overloaded with requests that they have decided to turn off the Hub. The goal was never to create problems for administrators and the Core Team have made the following changes to rectify the problem:

  1. A user won't see restricted content types if he can't use them
  2. A user won't see not installed content types if he can't install them 
  3. A user won't see update buttons if he is not allowed to update content types

This should relieve a lot of the burden from administrators. We are certain that these changes will result in fewer emails to IT departments and allow admins to easier support one of the most important components of the H5P ecosystem.


Bug Fixes

Selected bug fixes that were completed as part of this release:

  • Memory Game in Safari: Focus outline bleeds to next card
  • Drag and Drop: Calculation of score is wrong
  • Drag and Drop: Labels in drop zones when centered offsets to the right.
  • Drag and Drop: Auto adjust the size of draggables when using text input
  • Drag and Drop: Draggable moves automatically
  • Ctrl/Shift positioning and resizing no longer working for Drag and Drop inside Interactive Video
  • Drag The Words: Wrong placement of draggables (especially inside CP)
  • Question Set: Add option for removing 'Check'




What next?