February 2018 Status Update

Our vision is to empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. We, the community, are growing exponentially, doing very well and get a lot of good feedback from many people all around the world. It is encouraging that so many people think we're on the right track, and we are using that encouragement to carry on. 

We still have a long way to go, and we always need to speed things up. Joubel is looking for more developers for the core team, and on February 1st otacke moved to Tromsø and joined the H5P Core team. He has been one of the most eager contributors to H5P and we now get to enjoy his full commitment and focus. He’ll be working mostly as a developer, but also as an evangelist for H5P. The first two weeks with Ollie in the office have been great and I’m looking forward to continuing working with him.

In the picture above we've got lead developer icc to the left and otacke to the right.

These are the main things the core team is working on now:

All of this is being funded by organizations within the H5P community. We’re also still working on new features for H5P.org that let organizations become H5P supporters and fund and vote for new features. It will also be possible for all of us to vote for issues, making it easier to see what bugs are the biggest problems and what features are the most requested.

What can you do to help H5P move forward even faster?

We’re setting free more and more creatives from the chains of proprietary authoring tools that lock in their content and require a ransom to let them keep editing it, and we're just getting started!