Front-end tooling in H5P


The front-end world of JavaScript development is currently experiencing enormous growth, with new tools emerging every day. H5P is an unopinionated environment for libraries, and only includes jQuery from core. This means you can mix and match all your favourite tools within a library, allowing you maximum productivity from the very first second.

In this first introductory post I will give a short overview of the tools to be covered in this series. Consider this article an entry point to the series. Please note that as a "living article" it will be updated whenever new parts are added to the series.

Each part will begin with an introduction to a tooling theme or set of features, followed by a deeper dive into a specific tool and some practice applying what we have learned to a new or existing H5P library. Gaining understanding of these concepts is achieved iteratively through small steps and well documented examples. Taking time to program along with the guide examples will result in the best learning experience.

The parts will be sectioned into the following themes: