H5P for WordPress ready

An H5P plugin for WordPress 3.8 and up is now ready!

You can now create interactive H5P content on the world's most widely used CMS. 

Install the H5P plugin from your WP-admin interface or download the extension package from the WordPress Plugin directory. 

Read this guide to get started with H5P on your WordPress site.

After installing and activating the H5P extension on your WordPress site, you only need to upload an .h5p file to get started. Pick a content type on the Examples and downloads page to grab an .h5p file. 

H5P content can easily be modified and moved across Drupal, WordPress and Joomla sites which are H5P enabled.

To get started producing your own H5P interactive content, take a look at the content type tutorials on the Documentation page.

If you have any questions or comments, checking out the Forum might be worthwhile.

Visit GitHub to follow the development of the H5P WordPress plugin. 

Good luck creating interactive content with WordPress!