H5P Guides

Installation & setup

Currently, H5P requires Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle to run, and these again require PHP. H5P will also be ported to other languages in the near future. (There is no PHP or SQL code in the H5P content types.) Make sure you have configured PHP before installing H5P.

To make your site supports H5P, you need to install a plugin. Currently, plugins are available for:

The Drupal and Moodle plugin does not contain any content types itself. Therefore, after installing the H5P plugin on these platforms, you have to upload the content types you need. For your convenience, we have created an H5P which contains all content types - this is located here. If you only want a selection of the content types available, find them in our Examples & downloads section.

To get started on creating H5P content, take a look at our Content Author Guide.

More about installation and setup: