H5P Guides

Set up H5P for Moodle

Download and install Moodle

Skip this step if you already have a functional Moodle installation.

Install the H5P plugin

You can install the H5P plugin in two ways:

  • The easy way: Installing from the interface (read on)
  • The slightly more cumbersome way: Installing manually

For more information about the H5P plugin for Moodle, check out the H5P page in the Moodle plugin directory. 

Installing from the interface 

1. Log in to your Moodle installation as an administrator. Under Site administration, Plugins in the admin menu, press Install plugins and then the button labeled Install plugins from the Moodle plugins directory.

Install plugins

Install plugins button

2. At this point, you may have to log into your moodle.org account. Locate the H5P plugin page and press the button labeled Install now.

Search H5P plugin

Search H5P results

Install now

3. On the next screen, press the Install now link located next to the site you wish to install H5P on.

Select install site

4. You will now be redirected back to your site, confirm the installation by pressing Continue.

Continue install

5. Review the install log and check for any error messages. Press Continue again.

Continue after validation

6. Now you'll be viewing the Plugins check page. Verify that the H5P plugin has the status To be installed. Proceed by pressing the button labeled Upgrade Moodle database now. (This may take some time)

Database upgrade available

7. You should now be greeted by a message from the H5P plugin. Please take note if the content types were automatically installed, if not you will need to go through the next section, Uploading and creating content. Press Continue when you are ready to move on.

Welcome to H5P

8. Verify the H5P Settings and press Save changes. The default settings should be fine for most sites.

Save H5P settings

That's it! If everything went smooth you should now be ready to start creating H5P activities in your courses.

Uploading and creating content

By default, the plugin will download and install the recommended content types. However, if your site doesn't have an internet connection or if you wish to install any extra content types, check out the following two sections:

Note that you must have content types installed in order to create new H5P content.

Download a single content type

  1. Download your desired H5P content type from the Examples and downloads page

  2. Follow the "create an H5P activity" instructions, and choose "upload" at step #5
  3. Select "Choose a file..." unde the "H5P file" label or drag your files into the drag and drop area
  4. Navigate to the file you downloaded in step #1 and choose it.
  5. Save the activity at the bottom of the form

Download all recommended content types

  1. Download the package from the install page
  2. Log in as a site administrator or a user that has permission to upload libraries on the site
  3. Choose site administration/Plugins/Activity modules/H5P/H5P Libraries
  4. Select "Choose a file..." under the "H5P file" label or the file to the file drop zone
  5. Navigate to the file you downloaded in step #1 and confirm using the file
  6. Press "Upload" at the bottom of the form
  7. When the content types have finished uploading you will be able to see them in the library list below the form
  8. Follow the "create an H5P activity" instructions and choose "create" at step #5

Create an H5P activity

  1. Log in as an administrator or a user that has the permission to create H5Ps inside a course
  2. Go to the course you wish to add the H5P content to
  3. Press "Add an activity or resource"
  4. Select H5P - "Interactive Content"
  5. You are now able to choose whether to "upload" or "create" H5P content
  6. Finish uploading or creating your H5P content
  7. Save the activity at the bottom of the form

Installing Manually

  1. Download the plugin from the H5P page.
  2. Visit Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins page (/admin/tool/installaddon/index.php). 
  3. Select the Activity module (mod) as the Plugin type.
  4. Select the downloaded plugin file(zip), read and check the Acknowledgment box.
  5. Press the Install plugin from the Zip file button.
  6. Follow the process. Upgrade the database and afterward, review and save the H5P settings page.


If you find any bugs or issues please report them.
Let us know what you think of the plugin or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

For further info and issue tracking, check out the h5p-moodle-plugin page on GitHub.

Enjoy making rich interactive content in your favorite LMS!