H5P Guides

Set up H5P for WordPress

Download and install WordPress

Skip this step if you already have a functional WordPress installation.

Install the H5P plugin

You can install the H5P plugin in two ways:

  • The easy way: Installing from the WP-admin interface (read on)
  • The slightly more cumbersome way: Installing manually

For more information about the H5P plugin for WordPress, check out the H5P page in the WordPress plugin directory. 

Installing from the WP-admin interface 

1. Log on to your WP-admin interface. Under Plugins in the admin menu, press Add new

2. Search for H5P in the plugins search field and press Install Now under the H5P plugin.

3. The H5P plugin will now be installed. Once the installation is completed successfully, click on Activate Plugin

H5P should now appear in the list of installed plugins. After successful activation, all the content types are installed automatically. 

You should also see a link called H5P Content in the admin menu.

You can now start creating your own interactive content. New H5P activites can be created by clicking ‘Add New’ in this menu.

Test that it works

  1. Download your desired H5P content type from Examples and downloads on h5p.org. The file will be saved to your device in the .h5p format.

  2. Login to your WP-admin interface
  3. Under H5P Content in the admin menu, press Add new
  4. Give the H5P a title and select the Upload radio button

  5. Upload the .h5p file you downloaded in step 1
  6. Press the Create button to view or edit the H5P content

Add H5P content to a page or post


  1. Login to your admin interface
  2. Under Post in the admin menu, press Add new
  3. Give your post a title
  4. Press the Add H5P button above the post body text field to add H5P content

  5. Select the H5P you want to add to the post from the list that appears. A tag (e.g. [h5p id="1"]) will be added to the text field representing the H5P content. 
  6. Add text and other content to the post as you please
  7. Publish the post and view it to see the H5P content

Your WordPress site can now create H5P content of the same type from scratch. Go to H5P content > Add new and select the Create radio button to start creating new content. You can download more content types from Examples and downloads and upload them in the same manner as above. 

Installing manually

1. Visit H5P in the WordPress plugin directory. Download and extract the H5P package.


2. Place a copy of the h5p folder on your server within the folder /wp-content/plugins/

3. Navigate to your WordPress installation in your web browser and Login to the admin interface and activate the plugin. You can now start creating your own interactive content. 


You only have to upload an H5P content type once, to enable your site to create new content of that same type.

Special WordPress settings

An overview of special WordPress settings may be found on the WordPress Customization page.