H5P Guides

Analyzing results and answers

H5P focuses on content, but also on integrations. In order to allow for results analysis, adaptivity and more H5P can communicate everything the user does within the H5Ps as xAPI statements.

Most H5P plugins include simple results tracking where start time, stop time, score and max score per user per H5P is stored and may be displayed for authors and others. In the Drupal module the views module must be enabled in order to display these results. In Wordpress these results are available with only the H5P plugin installed.

To make more detailed data available, for instance which answers the users provided per question or how often the "next" button was pressed, an LRS or custom integration is required.  The community is working on plugins like this.

Most of these plugins we know of are work in progress at the time of writing:

If you want to store more detailed data in your own way read the xAPI documentation.