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Content Type Accessibility

Below is an overview of the accessibility status for the H5P Content Types. "OK" means that the content type has been tested and no known problems have been found. The goal is WCAG 2.0 AA support. The content types have typically gone through a lot of testing with various screen readers, keyboard navigation, zooming, code inspection and more. We can't, however, guarantee any level of accessibility support. 

Content typeStatusComment
Arithmetic QuizOK 
Audio recorderOK 
ColumnOKDepends entirely on the content
Course PresentationOK 
Dialog cardsOK 
Documentation ToolOK 
Drag and DropOK 
Drag the WordsOK 
Fill in the blanksOK 
Find the hotspotNOT OK 
Find multiple hotspotsNOT OK 
FlashcardsALMOSTThere are a few known problems
Guess The AnswerOK 
Iframe embedderOKDepends entirely on the content
Image hotspotsOK 
Image juxtapositionUNKNOWN 
Image sequencingNOT OK 
Image sliderOK 
Impressive presentationNOT OK 
Interactive VideoOK 
Mark the WordsOK 
Memory GameOK 
Multiple ChoiceOK 
Personality QuizNOT OK 
Question setOK 
QuestionnaireNOT OK 
Quiz (Question Set)OK 
Single Choice SetOK 
Speak the wordsNOT OK 
Speak the words setNOT OK 
Twitter User FeedUNKNOWN