Highlights from 2015 and a look into 2016

An exciting year for H5P is behind us.

Our community has grown a lot. The activity in our forums is more and more vibrant with more and more people devoting their time to push H5P forward with feedback, translations, testing, pull requests and funding among other things. I want to thank everyone in the community for all their hard work. You've been amazing!

Websites actively using H5P has increased with 500 percent and the community is growing rapidly. The vision of empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content is becoming more and more realistic as H5P’s popularity among big e-learning organizations is increasing.


The number of websites actively using H5P has increased from 600
at the beginning of the year to 3000 sites at the end of 2015.


Since we don’t track which websites are using H5P we don’t know the number of end users. Through talking to people I have however learned that universities in England, USA, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Australia are using H5P. I have also talked with two huge global leaders within the online training industry using H5P, and the army in one of the Scandinavian countries is also about to start using H5P. Also several consultancy agencies are using H5P and a quite big LMS is working on integrating H5P as an authoring tool. 

We have from the start been focusing on the reuse aspect – right now the creatives can share and reuse through the H5P file download and upload features. In 2016 we will hopefully release an early versions of a service that will make it even easier to share content created with H5P. We will also be more and more user centric in 2016. More than 50 community members has joined the beta tester group has making sure the user experience for both authors and learners is as good as it gets. We will continue to improve our xAPI integration and we will start doing answer evaluation on the server side. We will also focus more on universal design. Some of our content types should be quite good in terms of universal design but there is also room for improvement in many of them, and this will be improved in the beginning of 2016.

At the moment Joubel, the company where I work, is the major driving force behind H5P. I hope this will change in 2016. H5P’s vision will not be possible to achieve in a big way until we see a lot more organizations start sharing their content types on H5P.org. If we can continue to improve and grow as a community in 2016 the way we’ve done in 2015 we will have some really interesting weeks and months ahead of us. An H5P with huge adoption will not only enable the world to collaborate on creating an amazing authoring tool for Interactive Content, but also facilitate global collaboration on interactive content in a much bigger way than the world has ever seen before.

The results of global collaboration will be an enormous cost reduction for producing interactive content allowing for much quicker innovation, more adaptivity and better learning for everyone.

I want to wish everyone in the H5P community all the best for 2016.