Image Choice, Crossword and Sort the Paragraphs released

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Three new content types released

Three new highly requested content types are now ready for use! The H5P Core Team and Otacke have been busy this summer finishing up the new content types listed below. They will soon be available on all platforms, and I hope you will enjoy them!

Image Choice

With this new content type, authors may ask their learners to answer a question by choosing the correct image(s). Try out the below examples, and remember to add good alternative text for the images when making your own image choice questions!


  • By the H5P Core Team


Crosswords are a fun way to learn and memorize new terms, and this content type makes it super easy to make them. Authors type in a range of words and hints and a crossword will be generated automatically.

The look and feel of the crossword is also highly customizable. You may upload your own background image and customize every color!


  • By otacke (SNORDIAN) in cooperation with the LTC content development team.
  • User testing done by the H5P Beta Tester Group (facilitated by the H5P Core Team)
  • QA and design contributions from the H5P Core Team

Sort the paragraphs

Learners are to put paragraphs in the correct order. Paragraphs may be verses of a song, steps of a recipe, blocks of code or math formulas. We as a community will probably come up with lots of creative ways to use this content type and share inspiration through the H5P Hub.

Have a look at a couple of examples:


  • By otacke (SNORDIAN).
  • User testing done by the H5P Beta Tester Group (facilitated by the H5P Core Team)
  • QA and UI design contributions from the H5P Core Team


  • Image Choice and Crossword is available to all customers and may be enabled by the customer's administrator under "Manage organization" -> "Settings" -> "Content types settings".
  • Sort the Paragraphs will be made available as part of the next release of
  • All three content types are available for all self hosters


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