January 2016 Release Note

We are happy to announce that four new content types are being released. The main focus of this release, however, has been on improving and adding functionality to existing content types, as requested by H5P's worldwide community of users and contributors.

January 2016 release:


Four New Content Types

Four new content types have found their way into this release. You may learn more about them below.

Arithmetic Quiz


Arithmetics is basic knowledge needed by everyone. This new Arithmetic Quiz content type makes it possible to rehearse on the basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). The main target group for this quiz is primary school pupils.

Authors creating arithmetic quizzes with this new content type only need to specify the arithmetic type and the number of questions. Arithmetic Quiz automatically creates random questions and alternatives.




With Collage it is easy to combine pictures into a collage. You can choose between various image grid templates and adjust frame and spacing widths.

Collage has been present at H5P.org for some time, but hasn’t been available for download because we wanted to improve the authoring tool. The authoring tool is now improved, and you can enjoy a user-friendly authoring experience.




This content type allows you to quickly create pie and bar charts to represent simple statistical data.


Impressive Presentation


Impressive Presentation is set in a simulated 3D environment which enables you to generate movements by using several layers that can be filled with content (images, text or other H5Ps). There is no doubt that you can challenge your creativity when using Impressive Presentation.

The authoring tool for Impressive Presentation is still experimental and the nature of the content type makes it a good choice for advanced-level authors of H5P content.

This content type is based on impress.js. Read an in-depth introduction in the Impressive Presentation blog post.


New Functionality

A lot of new functionality has been released with a focus on improving the user experience for authors.

Audio Clips and Images in Dialog Cards

When using Dialog Cards you can now include audio clips and images. 


Copy and Paste

Authors often create similar content in different contexts. To make this easier, you can now copy and paste objects in Interactive Video, Course Presentation and Drag and Drop. You can even copy and paste objects between these content types!

You can for instance copy and paste objects between editors in various browser tabs. In this first version, you'll have to use standard keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste (CTRL/CMD+C and CTRL/CMD+V). 


Bring to Front

Bring to front is now integrated in the context menu, allowing authors to control the order of layered objects. This is especially useful when creating Course Presentations, however, bring to front is also available in the Interactive Video and Drag and Drop editors. 

The bring to front button has been added to the context menu that appears when you select an object in the content type editors mentioned above. Press the bring to front button to display the selected object on top.


More New Functionality (Click to reveal more details)



Several major and minor improvements have been added to this release.

Better Mobile View for Interactive Video

Interactive Video has now become even more mobile friendly with compact player controls, as previewed in the compact Interactive Video below.



Better Popovers in Image Hotspots

Popovers in Image Hotspots have improved positioning and sizing on a typical desktop display, as previewed below.


More Improvements


Sponsors and Contributors

This release would not have been possible without sponsors and contributors. A big thanks goes out to all of them! Read more about the sponsors and contributors below. 


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