January Release Note

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New Content Type “Info Wall” and lots of other improvements

Here we summarize some of the highlights that have been released since our last release note.

New Content Type: “Info Wall”

Info Wall allows you to create a searchable list. Each item in the list contains images and texts. See our list of berries below as an example:

Credits: Implementation, design and all is done by Oliver Tacke. The H5P Core Team has done a quick review.

Interactive Book improvements

Resume (save content state) is now supported by Interactive Book so that enabled users may continue where they left off next time they come back to an Interactive Book. You may now also add a video to the cover of your Interactive Book, and you have more freedom to style the text on the cover of the book as well. See our standard Interactive Book example, now upgraded with a video on the cover of the book:

Documentation Tool improvements

Documentation Tool has also received support for resume, and it now supports Accordion. This means that expandable lists may be added to Documentation Tool pages. Accordion is a nice way to make texts lighter and let users decide what they would like to read more about. See the example below:

Introductory Audio

Most of the H5P content types that previously supported introductory video and image now also support introductory audio. Here is an example of using it inside Multiple Choice question:

Other improvements

Lots of other improvements have also been made the last few months including:

Branching Scenario

  • Option to randomize alternatives in branching questions
  • Right and wrong info in xAPI for branching questions
  • Improved reports for Branching Scenario (H5P.com only)
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Customizable next button label so that the next button may be named differently for each step in the scenario.

Other Content Types

  • Support for resuming in Image Choice
  • Improved support for Vimeo. Instead of using a direct link to the video stream only available for Vimeo Pro you may now use the link to the Vimeo page. For Interactive Video Vimeo Pro is still a requirement.
  • It is now possible to have left aligned text in Dialog Cards. Previously Dialog Cards would always center align the text, now the alignment is controlled by the author.
  • It is now possible to specify that an image is “decorative”. When doing so screen readers will completely ignore the image which improves the accessibility of content that includes decorative images.
  • Lots of other accessibility improvements
  • SAML based single sign on (H5P.com only)
  • Support for Speed Grader in Canvas (H5P.com only)

See the full list of content type releases here.

Credits: A lot of the new features have been contributed as pull requests by Oliver Tacke.


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