New Release: A new content type, GDPR improvements and more

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I'm proud to present the brand new Image Pairing content type by Jithin and timely GDPR improvements from the Core Team. 

Image Pairing


One of our community's most active contributors, Jithin has created another intuitive and effective content type called Image Pairing. If you've kept a close eye on your content type hub you would have noticed that Image Pairing has been available for a few weeks now. So far, the reviews from the community have been extremely positive! Image pairing has been used for a number of topics from animals to countries and I expect many more in the future. 

This content type is developed by Jithin under Learning and Media Lab of ICFOSS

GDPR Improvements

 The Core Team has put a lot of work in this month to make and the H5P project GDPR compliant. Needless to say, adhering to the new regulations has been a top priority and we have achieved this through the following:

  • Created a Data Privacy Policy for that explains how data is processed
  • Removed the Twitter share button and the Facebook like button from to avoid their cookies, and also because they were not used frequently
  • Updated the platform plugins (Moodle and Wordpress) to support access to, rectification of, erasure of, and exporting of data. For Drupal we've created instructions for administrators here
  • Improved the newsletter sign up procedure to include a double opt-in 
  • (Behind the scenes work like getting data processing agreements from all relevant vendors)

We've also written a guide for adminsitrators to help with GDPR compliance with regards to H5P, you can find it here.

Bug Fixes

General content type improvements and bug fixes: 

  • Course Presentation: Fixed CP Editor crashing when sorting slides (HFP-1968)
  • Single Choice Set: Fixed problems with translations
  • Drag Question: Only add drop zone title attribute if label is showing (HFP-1864)
  • Drag Question:  Restore hover effects to drag and drop (Fixes HFP-1865)

Translation contributions:

  • A great effort by René Breedveld to add and update Dutch translations for dozens of content types with many more waiting to be merged in
  • Critical fixes, smaller in size, by many first time translators across different languages  



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