Moodle, WCAG 2.0 AA, LTI and H5P

I'm very excited to see H5P take its first steps in the Moodle platform. Mediamaisteri in Finland has contributed a lot to make this a reality and I hope the H5P Community will be able to continue this move and quickly get the last pieces in place as well. It will be expecially great to see the H5P authoring tool being integrated in Moodle.

The ETA for the next release is in March. One thing that we will focus on in our upcoming releases will be Universal Design.

In the March release we will include improvements for at least Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blanks, where the goal is to be WCAG 2.0 AA compatible. More content types will be improved in upcoming releases.

Another big improvement in March will be on where we will add LTI support, making it possible for H5P users to create content on and easily add it to LMSs with gradebook tracking included.

There will also be a release in the near future focused on gathering anonymous data about how H5P is being used. This data will be extremely valuable to make sure that we prioritize work for the right content types and features in the future and keep improving the user experience of H5P.

H5P continues to grow faster and faster with more and more community members working hard to push the technology and community forward. As an example, the recent video tutorial contributions by Alexander Lee Silva really help new users start using H5P more easily. In the company where I work, Joubel, we're now looking for three more developers and a community builder to work full time on H5P in order to speed things up even more.

I hope many in the community will enjoy the new features in the February 2016 release, take the time to answer the survey so that we know what to prioritize and keep sharing and collaborating here on and in our new Gitter channel.