modify a question set

I have installed h5p libraries in e-front. (

I created an h5p question set with 6 questions.

I have the quiz open, I push the modify button and it drives me to new quiz creation page.
Is there any possibility to modify the question set I have created before?

I entered an h5p interacted video and noticed exactly the same: After saving, there is the video and its questions in my lesson but when I press edit, it does not shows me the settings I made but opens the options for importing new.

The e-front support team told me that the issue is H5P related and not system related.

I could not find h5p file to sent to you. I send you two screenshots of my dashboard.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you very much


modify an existing interactive video
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Hi Marina,

I may be mistaken but it was Efront who created the H5P integration. If you try to edit a content here in you will be able to do so. Which means that there is an issue with their integration.