Interactive Video

Embedded h5p interactive video makes text below it flicker on Chrome browsers

I use H5P interactive videos in an online course hosted on edge.edX.  I have encountered a bug in this summer's course run where pages with embedded H5P videos on Chrome render any text below the video (and only below) with a strange flickering that makes the text nearly unreadable.  We've used the same content on edX for many years with no issues. We also have none-H5P embedded video content that does not cause any issues.

QuestionSet js events don't work on reopening inside Interactive Video

I'm trying to embed a QuestionSet in an interactive video. While it is getting loaded alright as a button, if I close the dialog, and reopen it then all the jQuery events stop working inside the dialog. Although the close button still works.

I suspect that once the instance is detached on close, it's not getting attached again on reopening the dialog.

Could someone please guide me as to which methods should I be looking at?