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Interactive Video: Support HTTP-Livestreaming (HLS)

Support HTTP-Livestraming (HLS) (*.m3u *.m3u8)

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Can't update some content types /translation[i] undefined

After I upgraded all contenttypes and h5p-activity to the newest version I can't update some contenttypes. for example interactive video or 360 tour. If I click on "save" a js bug appears (see image). Maybe something with translation?

here are my details:

Moodle 4.0.2+ (Build: 20220714)

Language: german

Console: translation[i] is undefined

H5P Activity: 1.22.4 2022012000





Copying Interactive Videos

Hi, I'm trying to use an existing h5p file of an interactive video to copy. I upload the h5p file, but then it just infinitely loads. In testing I've had it keep "loading" for 6+ hours.

This is on Moodle. I'm using Chrome on desktop. The Interactive Video version is up to date as far as I know. This has worked fine for me in the past so I am very confused. I've attached a screenshot of the loading screen I am talking about as well as one of the h5p files I have tested with.