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Getting Started with xAPI



I'm interested in sending xAPI statements from H5P content types. I'm following the instrutions here: and trying to get an xAPI statement to appear in the console with no luck. I have tried with an interactive video on the H5P site and one on my own site. I toss the following code in the console, answer a question and get nothing. Can anyone help me out?

Feature request: Import Moodle question bank questions to course presentation&interactive video

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I Would like to see an feature where you can import Moodle question bank questions straigth to course presentation and interactive video libraries (the same type of questions f.ex multiple choice)

GDPR and PECR regulations and the impact of setting cookies


Recent guidance published by the ICO (UK Information Commisioners Office) - is having a massive impact on cookie consent. This includes cookies dropped on the site by third parties such as YouTube.