Interactive Video

Interactive Video Free Text Grading in Moodle


I am unable to grade an Interactive Video Free text - type question in Moodle. When I review a student's Report, I see their answer and can give them a score. However, the "Submit grade" button remains grayed out (see attached image) and my score does not save. 

Please help.


How do I add a class to interactive video links?


I am using the H5P Wordpress plugin and am trying to add a class to all H5P interactive video links.
This is what I have so far:

H5P.jQuery(document).ready(function () {

  // Listening for interactive video element 
   if(H5P.jQuery('.h5p-interactive-video').length > 0)
      H5P.jQuery('.h5p-link a').addClass("modal-link");


How do I listen for the video to be loaded? My current script can't find the links because they don't exist yet.