Interactive Video

Issues with Interactive Videos and Find the Hotspot after upgrade

We are in the process of upgrading our H5P from vs 1.19.1 to 1.21.0

We are using Totara Learn version 12.23

In our current version everything works well with our H5P activities.  I am now testing  them in vs 1.21.0 and am encountering issues regardless of browser; an am using a laptop.

My interactive videos have the message: "Cannot read file. Either the file does not exist or there is a permission problem"(image attached) above them, but they do work.

Interactive video to trigger "parent" course presentation

I'd like to do the following, but not sure if it is possible:

I have a course presentation with a couple of slides.

One slide contains an interactive video. At a certain point in this video the student should be allowed to go to a certain slide of the "parent" course presentation. So similar to "go to slide" of a course presentation object, but triggered from it's child.

Would this be possible? 

360° videos : precisely locate a button in space


I try the 360° video interactive tool. It's great ! But each element we add in the video is fix on the screen, it do not move when move the point of vue.

So, is it possible to locate precisely an element in the 360° video as it is possible in 360° fixed images ?

If not, any plan to develop this feature ?

Thanks to the team for its great work !