Interactive Video

Interactive Video Report Does not Show all Questions

We use H5P with Moodle at a university and usually interactive videos work fine. But in this one course we created an interactive video with 14 multiple choice and single choice questions. To test whether the reporting works I made 3 test users submit their answers, one user submitted 3, one 7 and one all 14 answers. But the report only shows 5 of the 14 questions and answers, whether the test users submitted them or not. All three reports contain the same 5 questions, but it's not the first or last 5 questions, it seems the questions were chosen at random by the report.

Reuse in Moodle not using updated file

When I use reuse in Moodle to download the H5P video it doesn't download the latest content.  It seems to be using the first version even though the saved H5P video has the updates?  For example, I fixed some typos saved and displayed the video with the content showing as correct, but when I downloaded the file the typos that were initially there are in the downloaded document.  It's like it's only grabbing the first version???  How do I fix this?