Interactive Video

Cannot read properties of undefined "prototype" "Cloze"


I run into an issue on the Drupal 7 site i am supporting 
when we are trying to create an Interactive video content in the inspect mode i cen see the following errors

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'prototype')
at blanks.js?ver=1.12.11:123
at blanks.js?ver=1.12.11:924
in /h5p/libraries/H5P.Blanks-1.12/js/blanks.js?ver=1.12.11

Content Type "Interactive Videos" broken

In the content type: " Interactive Videos", the window does not look correct. Buttons are missing and the content is out of place. In the browser console, I get the following error message: The property "name" is missing in the field 0. (h5peditor.js:423:16) Do you have any idea where the problem could be. I can't find anything  about this

 H5P: 1.15.3

 Firefox: 93.0 64Bit

 Wordpress: 5.8.1

 Macbook Big Sur


Important!!! Drag and Drop not working with touch screen/smart board. Help please...

None of the H5P drag-and-drop content types work on the SmartBoard. I tried using Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Is there a way to fix this or any workaround to get it working on a SmartBoard? I have implemented all the solution suggestions at The result has not changed. I also tried it on different operating systems such as windows, linux. The result has not changed. This problem needs to be resolved immediately.