Interactive Video

Hint feature in Drag Text / Drag the Words

When you create a Hint feature for the Drag Text and Drag the Words feature, the Hint icon goes at the end of the empty box. This partially obscures the next word if you have blanks in mid sentence. 

Error replicated on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

I have tried creating an extra space after the asterisk but this is not added in. Issue remains even when altering browser zoom level. My device display screen and scale on recommended - 2736 x 1824 200% scale. Using Windows 10.

Printscreens attached for Drag Text in Interactive Video and Drag the Words.

Interactive Video - submit screen not showing up's picture


We use a lot interactive videos on my Moodle site and didn't have this issue until recently. We have added the submit screen in the settings and there is at least one question in the video (sometimes more - a variety of types). When I test, the submit screen shows up but it isn't showing up for participants. 

Is anyone else seeing this or is there a new setting that I'm missing? I have even tried moving the submit screen to different times. 

If it matters, we don't use the Summary Task - but we never have and the submit screen worked before.