Interactive Video

Interactive video number of attempts limit

I created an interactive video in Moodle. it seemed that I could view the video and answer the same question as many times as I wanted (as a student) before the activity closed. Each time I answered, only the last answer was visible to the instructor. He wants students to only be able to take the quiz once. We could not find a setting for that.

H5P Interactive Video error when use SSL HTTPS website with moodle, Message: Loading please wait...

Hi, my problem is with fresh installation Moodle 3.8.3 when I enable https the h5p interactive video editor didn't load, only show Loading, please wait...

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

When I enable SSL https in my website and try to add content h5p Interactive Video Editor to my Moodle lesson the editor didn't load.

When I disable SSL https the Interactive Video Editor works again and no error in console.

Interactive Video - No video Audio Only in Chrome

Interactive video that was created on self hosting in Word Press no longer shows video in Chrome. Interactions appear and audio is present.

Interactive video works perfectly in Edge.

This is a relatively new occurence


Wordpress site that host content was recently updated to the newest version