Interactive Video

Submit Screen


I am having an issue with the Interactive Video submit screen. 

I have several question types throughout the video and at the end, the submit screen appears.

The issue I am having with the submit screen is that when I click a question it will send me back to the timestamp but the question will not appear. The timeline will also not move to the timestamp.

The question does appear and the timeline adjusts after clicking the playhead. 

Add webp to supported image types for Interactive Video image

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Add webp to supported image types for Interactive Video image


Currently the Image (thumbnail / preview) for an Interactive Video does not allow the webp image type in the editor. Attempting to submit a webp image as a thumbnail generates the following error message in the Interactive Video editor:

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Issues with interactive video

First time trying to create an interactive video. Having some trouble.

1) I cannot get the interaction to start when I want. The interaction starts at the very begining of the video, but I want it to start 40 seconds in.

2) The interaction does not stop the video. I have a multiple choice quiz. The video just plays on without stopping, whether the quiz is answered or not.

3) I don't understand what the "Summary Statement" is about, and I don't want it. But I cannot seem to save the project without it. How do I get rid of this?