Interactive Video

Adding support for streaming video formats like DASH or HLS


Is it possible to use streaming video like DASH or HLS in the current player in the interactive video element?

Is it intended to replace the h5p video element with another player like Video.JS (will support HLS).
Similar to the overlay, that is added to the embedded youtube player?




Video format not supported in some content types


I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for that, but I've encountered a problem using external mp4 video in some content types:

I'm trying to use an externally hosted .mp4 video in branching scenario, course presentation or interactive video. However, I always encounter the error message "video format not supported". The video does work, however, when I add a "video" in the column content type. The video also works just fine when I embed it in normal html5 web pages...

Drupal 8 Interactive video end screen



Is there any way in the api to change the contents of the end of video screen? I'd like to add some of my own buttons in addition to what's there.  If not is it possible to disable the end of video screen?

Also is it possible to automatically submit the points rather than the user needing to press the button?