Interactive Video

interactive video tool not showing in Moodle 3.9.1 using h5p core


At moodle 3.7 I had  H5P plugin,: Now I have updated to Moodle 3.9

I get rid of the H5P plugin, now I have only the H5P core. Everything is OK except for the interactive video tool. 

Debugging at Firefox web level I get this error

I am getting [field:group:branchingScenario:branch] in Moodle3.9

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  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

I was installing the plugin as per the directions on this site. It installed exactly as planned. And then I started adding the content types as I started to inster an Interactive Content activity in a course. I was successful with no problems on all of the types except 3. I was able to successfully create a Column activity, a Memory Game activity and a Multiple Choice activity. Then, when I tried to create activities of the three types that hung during installation, I got the screens below.