Interactive Video

How do I add a class to interactive video links?


I am using the H5P Wordpress plugin and am trying to add a class to all H5P interactive video links.
This is what I have so far:

H5P.jQuery(document).ready(function () {

  // Listening for interactive video element 
   if(H5P.jQuery('.h5p-interactive-video').length > 0)
      H5P.jQuery('.h5p-link a').addClass("modal-link");


How do I listen for the video to be loaded? My current script can't find the links because they don't exist yet.

Difference between demo and Wordpress?

Hi all,

EDIT: Never mind. I didn't look properly. This behaviour is consistent across platforms. I just find it strange behavior. Why would you show the correct answer immediately upon submitting a wrong one? What use for a "show solution" button then? This happens on the 'Single Choice Set' interaction, byt not on the 'Multiple Choice' one. Strange... Apologies for posting without proper testing/investigation! :-/

Just started experimenting with H5P (preparing online course because of Corona school closure...). I'm enthousiastic.

Need a developer to add features to Audio and Interactive Video


Hi all,

we're looking a developer to take on adding these features:

1. Interactive Video and Audio: Amazon S3 compatability. Users will be able to enter keys as a configuration option, then simply paste the S3 media URL into the URL field of audio and video