Interactive Video

Interactive video - Fullscreen does't work

Hi everyone,

I made an interactive video on Moodle. I embedded it in a SCORM package, and put thet SCORM package on Moodle. This works fine, except for fullscreen. Fullscreen works in the interactive video, but once I open the video in the SCORM package, I can't do fullscreen. I can press the button, and some things change visually (see attached screenshot), but it definitely doesn't work as it's supposed to. I hope anyone can help me out!

I embed the video in the SCORM by adding an external HTML object. The embed code is 

interactive video - jump to a certain timecode on another h5p video

Hi all,

following scenario:

I want to produce a course with several interactions. The backbone of the course is an interactive video.

At a certain point, the user can click on an hotspot to get some optional detail infos on a further interactive h5p video. The "backbone video" should stop playing when clicking the hotspot.

In this second video, there should be a hotspot, which leads back to the "backbone video". The hotspot should jump to the timecode, where the backbone video stopped OR to a predefined timecode.

Comprehension questions about Interactive Video & CORS

Hey h5p-Team!

I have two comprehension questions about Interactive Video & CORS:

1. I read in another forum topic about the Interactive Video needing CORS allowed, so subtitles can work. Is CORS needed for other features as well and if not: is there / will there be an option to shut off subtitles and don't use CORS?