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Interactive Video, Hotlink Protection and Video Format Not Supported


I tried to find solution on many threads with "Video format not supported". I guess hotlink is one of the reasons.

I have hosted my interactive video with and setup hotlink protection, allowing only my own website to access the video.

On desktop, it runs fine. On mobile (iPhone 10), it doesn't run on either chrome or safari.

If I disable hotlink protection, it runs fine on both desktop and mobile devices.

I want to keep hotlink proection and let videos run on mobiles too. Any idea how to proceed?



Abdul Wahid

Can´t click on answers in video after checking

Hi there,


A client of mine has several videos with h5p-questions on their wordpress-site.

Lately there seems to be a problem, when you do not answer the question an proceed to check for the correct answer. The questions are set to only show the correct answer when an option(answer) has been selected. However if i do not pick any answer and proceed to check i can not selct any option(answer) from the menu anymore. This means i am stuck at the question without being able to check for the correct result.

Interactive Video - Free text question grading not passed to Moodle gradebook

I am using Moodle 4.1 and H5P plugin 1.23.2, Interactive Video library (1.24.4).

I have free text questions in interactive videos that are graded manually by the teachers. The scores update in the individual attempt screen