Interactive Video

Youtube video on safaris through h5p

Hi there!

I have a 3 hour long mp4 video on youtube that I need to use h5p bookmarks to help my viewers to walk through it.

So I tried to use interactive video for it. It went smoothly and did the job well done!

But the thing is, safari browsers - ios and mac - keep saying that the video is unavailable. all the other browsers seem fine.

Im using wordpress. When I try to embed the same video straight through a youtube link, safari can load it. When h5p comes, safari wont load the video.

Need help to understand Attempt tracking (on Moodle)


I'm starting to use H5P on my University's Moodle installation and I'm encountering many difficulties to manage the Attemp tracking option and its link with the grading system.

DESIRED BEHAVIOUR: Students should receive a grade for their first attempt. However, the system should record the attempt ONLY WHEN COMPLETED THE ACTIVITY (answers to all the quizzes included in Interactive videos or Course presentation).

Submit wihouth submit screen in interactive videos

Hi, referring on H5P moodle, I can set access to an activity only if the previous activity is completed. To do so with an interactive video it seem I need the following: set valutation rate, set at least one question, set a sumission screen. The student must answer correctly to the question and submit the result trough the submission screen. I find out the submission screen is not very intuitive and I wish to cancel it. And so my question is: is it possible tu submit the result to unlock the next activity without the submission screen? Just answering the question?