Interactive Video

Pressbooks / H5P video limit


I'm using the H5P plugin with Pressbooks at my institution (I'm a PB admin). I've started receiving reports that the Interactive Video activity-type previously allowed 100mb video uploads but now it's only accepting 50mb uploads.

Where exactly is this controlled? I'm hoping to revert it to the original settings.

Thank you!


Interactive video - multiple choice issue

Hi there,

I'm creating an interactive video and have been trying to add in a multiple choice question with two correct answers from 4 options.

It works fine, apart from that if you select one correct and one incorrect option it displays as having got 0 out of 2 in the little badge display.

I've tried the behavioural settings and unchecked the 'Give one point for the whole task' option and checked teh 'Show score points', but it makes no difference.

Any ideas?