Interactive Video

Export interactive video from branched scenario


I know people have raised similar questions regarding exporting a video.

However I'd like to copy/export an interactive video that I created within a Branched Scenario as a standalone interactive video. Is that possible? or do I have to create the interactive video again?




disable submit screen until user reach the timeline

if i have added submit screen at the end of video in the interactive video content.. i want to disbale the submit screen until the user reach the end of video..


right now, even if i added the submit screen at the end of video, a user can click on it any time during the time line... which let thm submit any time during the video..


can any body help ?



Overlay objects and arrows on interactive videos?

I was wondering inf you woul dbe bale to add a feature to overlay objects and arrows on interactive videos? Sometimes what you want to do is point something out on a youtube video, or better stil, put a grpahic over the top of it. Can this be made possible?

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