Interactive Video

Could an I-Video Content Type, ever play on a phone without a browser?

Could an Interactive Video Content Type ever play on an iphone without a browser? If someone sends you a video via your text messaging app, the video plays nicely on your phone. But if you have to open a web browser on your phone, and play a video within the browser window, that doesn't work so well for some on their phone. How could I send an H5P interactive video to someone in a texting program, and have their interactions sent to a Learning Record Store (LRS) and have no browser involved? Is this possible? I don't think it is.

Adding Dynamic Text to Interactive Video

I have tried looking through the XAPI guide and this forum, so apologies if I missed the answer to this question already.

I have created interactive videos with button that work really well, but I would like to also add some text to the video at a certain point - for example "Hello Tony, thanks for completing the tutorial" and be able to replace Tony with either a passed variable, or dynamic field that I can send via the API.

Is this feature available?

Why isn't the content developed with the Interactive Video plugin on H5P visible to students?

We are using the H5P plugin on moodle. Content developed in H5P with the Interactive Video plug-in is not visible to students. Although administrator accounts can see this developed content very well, students cannot. Even the buttons do not appear in the interactive picture. What do you think is the problem? I'm waiting for your help. Thank you.