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Interactive video - video version order change


I uploaded a 4K quality mp4 video to my interactive video.

Then I uploaded a second version, a 1080p mp4 of the same video.

When I look the content, the 4K video is set as default. 

How can I change the order, or the default video? 

I want the 1080 quality to be the default. I guess if I want it now, I need to delete both videos, and upload the 1080p first, and then the 4K?

I am on Drupal 9 and H5P module.

Interactive video: VO focus stays on page in background while in full screen

Poornima Pillai's picture

1) Open examples from H5P webpage in Safari on Mac
2) Navigate to interactive video component

3) Turn on VoiveOver (command + F5)
4) Use keyboard navigation to focus on the interactive video frame (control + option + arrow keys)
5) Enter the frame (control + option + shift + down arrow)
6) Change video to full screen
7) Try continuing to use arrow-based keyboard navigation to access video controls
8) Try using shift-based keyboard navigation to access video controls