Interactive Video

Accessibility: Pop-up continue button not in focus after submitting answers in VO

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Tested using the examples on the H5P webpage.

Expected: After correctly submitting the answer to a question, focus is moves to the feedback for the screen reader to announce it, afterwards, the next navigation forward moves to the "continue" button that has now appeared

H5P Interactive video: The non-interactable area in the videos are announced as "interaction appeared" on VO screen reader

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Steps to Reproduce:
1) Open the examples on H5P web page (We tested it with an internally developed course and since the same was reproduced with the examples in the official website, not shared the course link)
2) Navigate to interactive video component ( Content used in an assessment )
3) Turn on VoiveOver (command + F5)
4) Use keyboard navigation to focus on the interactive video frame (control + option + arrow keys)
5) Enter the frame (control + option + shift + down arrow)
6) Navigate to the focus area after the "tool bar"