Interactive Video

Enforcing fullscreen on a play event on landscape


This feature request is related to the Interactive Video content type.

As a developer it would be great if there were some function we could call that would allow enforcing fullscreen on landscape through a play event. At the moment this works on portrait for mobiles but not landscape.



Triggering click event returns error


I'm using H5P in Drupal.  I'm trying to trigger a click event on orientation change to landscape on mobile devices but I'm receiving an error:

Failed to execute 'requestFullscreen' on 'Element': API can only be initiated by a user gesture.

This works when I bind to a click event but not on the orientation event. The interesting thing is that the video starts to play but there is an issue in the H5P code for landscape I guess or how I'm trying to trigger it. I have attached a screenshot of the console error.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Interactive video on mobile devices


I heavily use the Interactive video module on a site.  90% of my traffic comes from mobile devices. I'm currently on library version 1.17.5 and am wondering if in newer version of the library there are any improvements on mobile U/X.

Or does anyone have a tips on how to improve the experience on mobile.  The issue is of course the limited screen space that we have on mobile.