Interactive Video

How to hide/disable an interaction, in an interactive video

Hi - after I've created an interactive video, and added some interactions, is it possible to hide/disable an interaction, without completely deleting it?

This is so that I still see it when in Edit mode, but not when in View mode.  For example, sometimes I want to rework the content of an interaction, but don't have time to work on it right then, so it'd be useful to be able to hide it from view in the meantime, then come back to it later.

So, is there any way to hide/disable an interaction, in an interactive video, then re-enable it later?  Thanks.

Export interactive video from branched scenario


I know people have raised similar questions regarding exporting a video.

However I'd like to copy/export an interactive video that I created within a Branched Scenario as a standalone interactive video. Is that possible? or do I have to create the interactive video again?