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Submit button missing for H5P quiz

My university did an LMS update and now I don't see the "submit" button for an embedded quiz within a video. My school uses Moodle 3.11 but it is hosted by open LMS for Moodle. Any suggestions on how we fix this so my "submit" button reappears and then it posts to the gradebook? Thank you!

Can not display H5P Video on my website...using WordPress

Hello everyone,

I'm still new to H5P.... and have installed the plugin on my website (runs with Wordpress). So far so good: I can load and edit my video via the plugin - and save my H5P project. BUT: I can't add the video to my website.

I tried it like this: When the video is finished with H5P, I copy the shortcode and paste it on my target website. But then the video won't show up.

I'm desperate. What am I doing wrong???


Hallo Zusammen,