Interactive Video

Workflow : marketresearch

He Hello,

I want to use interactive video for marketresearch. For that readson I want to collect the mail-adress and name in the interactive video. I use the Wordpress plugin : 'H5PxAPIkatchu' for collecting the data. I don't see any possiblity to do this. Is there any other content-type I overlook or any other possiblity to combine these things?  The output of the interactive video and the data should stay together.

Thanks, Daan


Interactive video: Cannot see the full submit screen (missing scroll bar)


Not sure if this is considered as a bug or a missing feature, but it seems like a bug to me.

In an interactive video with many different quizzes, i cannot scroll down in the submit screen (which is needed if the list with answered questions is longer than the hight of the video). 

In other words: if the list with questions in the submit screen is too long, the last questions in the list are hidden.

Detect when at least one interaction has been interacted with in Interactive Video content type


I use H5P with Drupal and am using the hook_alter_script to add some additional functionality and am wondering how I can detect when at least one interaction has been interacted with.