Interactive Video

Interactive Video Linked Page as Pop UP and Extra Content Interactions

Interactive Video with Pop Up Page with Short Code Multilanguage Translations selected by User for h5p Activities
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Video controls not visible for interactive video in Moodle

Interactive videos inserted into Moodle course via H5P plugin do not have the video control bar at the bottom in final embedded video. Everything else works perfectly.

Moodle version and H5P plugins both current. Base video is MP4 H264

Video plays ok when started and interactions work perfectly. Just can't control the video or see how far through the video I am. Same applies in admin backend and as student.

have tried with three different videos - same on each. Non interactive MP4 videos look and play normally.

PLEASE: any clues on cause and fix?

Interactive video - multiple choice question - options in black

michelleboardman's picture

Hi, I've created an interactive video and want to use a Multiple Choice question.

When I create it, the options are in black and I can't seem to change them. Can anyone help?

Screenshot attached.

I don't have the same issue with Single Choice Set.

Thanks, Michelle