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Interactive Video (version 1.22.2)

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When using the "Free text question" in an interactive video activity, the video mutes when the student presses the letter "M" while typing in their answer. This is an unwanted behaviour since most students will at first think there's an issue with the video's audio. It's kind of an irony, but for a better user experience, users should be able to mute the video by pressing on the speaker icon only, not by pressing the letter M.  I've uploaded an image where you can see the issue I'm describing here.

"Network Failure" customize message displayed.


Any chance anyone knows how to change the message displayed when the internet connection fails when watching an interactive video on Wordpress? 

Currently it shows as "Network Failure" but that is not too discriptive for a regular user to understand that their internet connection failed or was unstable so I would like to change it to "Your internet connection is unstable, please refresh the page and try again"