Interactive Video

Essay question in interactive videos

I do like the essay question feature which forces users to type a free text asnwer which matches a list of pre-prepared answers (with a few wildcard characters to allow for poor spelling). Could this be added to the possible question types in and interactive video?


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Export H5P file


I have created an interactive video using H5P. 

I want to export and import it on moodle but the interactions I have created are lost during the process. Is there a way to retain those interactions? 

I am aware of LTI setup. It works fine with it. However, I would like to export my videos too with Interaction.

Please suggest. 


Video format not supported.

I am new to H5P. Having installed the Wordpress plugin i have hit a frustrating problem early on. Can you guess what it is?

Any mp4 or webm that i upload gives me the error (read slap in the face) as soon as i try to either view it or add interactivity to it. Where do i find any information about supported file types that actually work?

What is meant by video format? encapsulation or codec? pixels or aspect ratio? file size? these are terms i understand.

Can somebody please clarify "Video format not supported."