Interactive Video

Video not supported (CORS + HTTP basic authentication) - no authentication prompt


since one of the last updates, we don't get our videos to play successfully. 
Interactive videos created before the update still work. 

We thought it's solved by setting up CORS correctly, but it's still not working.
Our videos are protected by a basic HTTP Authentication using .htaccess but the dialog for the authentication does not appear, causing a 401 (Authorization Required) in the browser console. 
It seems that the compatibility with the basic authentication is broken since the CORS update. 

Interactive video:WordPress Plugin: Prevent Multiple Submissions


We have multiple interactive videos hosted on our e-learning wordpress site each with a different type of questions embedded in them.

Is there a way to restrict students from doing multiple submissions of their answers? It is okay for them to go back to view the video again and retry questions but do not want them to resubmit answers as that would defeat the purpose of evaluation we have setup.

Currently WordPress H5P plugin is allowing users to submit answers on every attempt and is showing the most recent scores in 'My Results' page. Appreciate your help on this.

Interactive Video: Embed problem


I use Interactive Video for different purposes. Since the update to the latest version 1.13.1 (and the update of the content type within the software), something has changed:

I used to be able to disable the lower toolbar in my content settings (including the "Show embed button" function) and still embed the video on my own website with the official embed code.

Screenshot 1: