Interactive Video

h5p file not found

Hello, I need you to guide me because I have not been able to solve the issue, I have investigated in documents and not found the answer, I am working on localhost, to present content, I have all the h5p plugins that I found installed in moodle, and when I do the activity and I try to call it to show it, I get this error, can someone tell me what happens? I would like to generate content without using the iframe of but something more native to the platform, is there any way or it depends on the server and iframes external, thank you!

Moodle 3.9.6+

Video Quality Selector Button Doesn't Work

I encountered a problem with interactive video content on the h5p moodle plugin. I have uploaded 3 videos with different quality. The Quality Selector button only works if accessed from a mobile browser but not from a desktop browser.

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

Global Interactive video score instead of per interaction score


First of all thanks  for such a wonderfull teaching tool ;)

We would like to show the accumulated score of all interactions after each question (we are only using multiple choice questions, with just one correct answer most of the times) but failed to find any option for it.

Is this possible? Either configurable on the editor or by adding some javascript to the page the interactive video is embedded in

Thanks in advance