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Scoring in multiple choice affected if answers not submitted


I have an interactive video, with multiple choice interactions.  I've noticed that if the learner does not submit their answers, it does not record these against the gradebook, but it changes the total number of questions answered.  then when I've asked them to have another go, and do it again, this time make sure they submit - even though they have scored correctly - they have only been given half a point for their answer.  How do I change this?

I use Chrome, and H5P plug in for Totara LMS.

Attached is the grade report- 6 pages


Error with Javascript in Interactive Video


I have a problem when i want to create a Interactive Video type.The editor show me the next message "field:group:interactiveVideo:assets". I don't know if it a problem with my browser or another thing. Im working in Google Chrome, in a Moodle platform (3.5) with the H5P plugin (1.20.2).

I need to sort out this problem because i really need to create this interactive content.

I will waiting your answers.

PD:i attach pics of the problem


Interactive History Video in French / exemple de H5P en français



I'm a middle school teacher who discovered H5P during the French national lockdown. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this great educative tool that is H5P. 

I'd like to give back to the community by sharing an Interactive Video I made for my 12 year-olds about the Reformation, which got good feedback. It features a ready-to-use example of Drag'n'Drop, and it's all good regarding copyright.

I hope someone finds it inspirational, thanks again for H5P.

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