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I have an issue with error margin. My end users are frustrated when they answer correctly but are told their reply is wrong because of a missing capital letters or punctuation  mark or simply because they've left a space between the last word and the question mark. They're right. What matters to me is the content not the form. However, I just cannot enter all the possible correct answers and I have deliberately left empty/ diastivated the case sensitive box in "Edit questions". Is there something I could have missed out on? Is there a solution to that problem? That's important because it damages their H5P experience and their online training motivation. Thanks in advance. 

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I'm guessing you're talking about fill in the blanks here.

Trimming and having an error margin is a good point in some cases, however for precision and for using fill in the blanks in all the different contexts that authors can imagine we have decided to let the authors handle how big the error margin should be by providing alternative answers using the '/' operator.

To address your first concern, capital letters can be ignored by unchecking 'Case sensitive' option in 'Behaviour settings'.

Punctuation marks can be useful in several contexts in answers, so trimming these would make the question task more convenient for some, but worse for other authors. One might imagine an option here to trim special characters, however this would add complexity to the content type for authors which I'm not sure we want at this moment. I suggest leaving punctuation marks and spaces between special characters out of the blanks and be consistent about it so your students know what to expect, or create alternatives for these cases.

I'll add your issue as an UX suggestions in our backlog, however it is not very highly prioritized at the moment, so having a developer you know create pull requests would certainly speed things up. I suggest keeping clozes small and without spaces for consistency, it is very hard for us to build a general intelligent algorithm to detect how some answers are correct and some are not with error margin.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is very valuable to H5P!

Have a nice day,

- Thomas

Hi Thomas

Thank you for your help. Some « Case sensitive » boxes were checked indeed. So, the capital letters problem is solved ;-)

I have another problem though. Sometimes, answers are wrongly considered false. When one clicks on « show solutions » to understand the mistake made, the solution is identical to the answer. Do you have an idea why that happens, please? Attached are some screenshots. Thanks for your help 



Hi Nathalie,

I had this issue too : it was caused by the special character. Indeed the apostrophe is not the same between the answer input by the student and the given solution. In one instance, the apostrophe is curled (curly ?) and in the other it is a single quote, plain and straight. You probably made a copy and paste of the text of the exercise from another document (a PDF maybe ?). Well, that was my case. Try to replace the curled apostrophe in the exercise with a straight one - for me it solved the issue ;)



Wow!!! Thanks very much for your help! You're absolutely right. I can't believe how sensitive it is. The thing is I wanted to keep a Word copy. So I write the write in a Word document and them copy the text onto H5P. But the ' is not the same on H5P. There's a minor difference. The problem now is i have to run through all the exercices to correct that... :-(

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Yeah, we will consider adding a fix for that in the future, but it is a bit risky since some might actually want to consider one of them as a wrong answer in programming subjects or something. If you do a replace all in word it hopefully won't take too much time to fix.