Audio content in Interactive book?

Hi everyone, 

I've been using h5p Interactive book in beta version and until recently I was able to insert audio content. See here for example

In the new version, however, I haven't been able to do so 

Can anyone help with this? As a foreign language teacher, it is a very useful feature.



Hi again, 

Here's another interactive book I created last year.

I would now like to add an audio recording content which is a new feature in the version you released in August. 

Is there a way I could do so without having to create a new one? 


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Hi Eli,

To provide a best possible experience for new users and to ensure that people use only for trying out H5P (we've had more traffic than our server can handle lately, ref also the warnings when you create content, embed content and view the content) we are experimenting with which content types should be available here.


Check the getting started page for information on how you can use all the content types and use H5P for real. We unfortunately are not able to provide free hosting, only free software :) Hopefully you'll consider supporting the H5P Core Team by using