Using h5p content for wordpress

I created a quiz "speak a words set", and using the short code to insert to a webpage. Quiz created and page is updated. But when I want to try the quiz on the page, the quiz just show up less and one second and fade out disappeared. Anyone can help?

The page is:


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This is most likely caused by some of the other plugins that are running. Have you tried to deactivate them one by one in order to check whether they don't play well together with H5P?


I don't think there was casued by other plugins as I was using in and I used to embed the code to my website. It seems that for the free version, that not really welcome people to use and try to make sure they pay by creating trouble to users. This is my feeling.

I will suggest that they only provide one month trial and indicate clearly this is a paid plugin but not a free. It creates a lots of trouble to users who plan to use for free and not expect to pay. My feeling is somehow mis-leading, I just want to express that I suposed is planning to pay.

Hi, I have just added a quiz which was created from the and paste to the website,  "Dialog", and it works well in the same page. Do you think different quiz types, and they have different imcompatible plugins? This is so difficult with work with h5p because this is a free version?  just want to try out most of the quizes and decide to pay but so far there are so many unknowns.

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Hi edctedlui,

First of all is not meant to be used to host real contents it should be used for testing contents. It has very limited resources which should be dedicated for testing. Candidly the core team has, is and will never create issues to force people to pay for As a matter of fact there is a free plugin that you can install in Wordpress.


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Hi edctedlui!

Quite an accusation you are making - especially given the fact that H5P is open source software and anyone could detect such fraudulent behavior in the code easily ... But if you think that's more likely than some problem arising from your WordPress customization, feel free to believe that.