Developer is requires to Add H5p into a school management system


We've been trying to figure out a way to integrate H5P into our School management system for a while now with no success. The system is based on Codeigniter. 

Kindly, let me know if you can help with this or if you can forward me to someone who can. We would've given up on the whole idea had H5P wasn't an exceptional solution that can add a lot of value to the learning process.

Obviously, this is a paid task.
Looking forward to your response.

@ramzi, kindly confirm if you have the solution for this.

Anyoneelse can help offer a solution. 


still waiting, is it possible to implementing h5p on codeigniter php framework?

Dear H5P team,

I wanted to integrate H5P into my custom LMS platform which is built in php framework codeigniter version 3. Please guide me how do integrate H5P with my custom LMS. I also need information about grade, how do my custom platform receives grades after submission of quizzes.
I am very much desprete to integrate H5P into my custom LMS, Please let us know how can I make it. 

Thanks in advance