Help!! (How can I remove a misplaced "submit screen" video-interaction)

I had just finished a new interactive video when I detected that I had accidentally added a "submit screen" into the middle of the video. How can I remove it? I simply can't find out how to do it and if I don't I will have to re-do everything. Anyone who can advice?

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Hi Sigfus,

This video should do the trick ;-)


This made my day.

Thanks a lot BV52! This made my day:) 


i can't find the X sign to delete it


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Hi aronchic,

Have you tried clicking on the option inside the box? It should open another small box which has the "x" button. Did you check the video I mentioned in my previous comment? If you have done this and the button is still not showing I suggest that you upload your content here so that we can check.