Need a way to retrieve deleted files

I have been asked by my company to train in creating education materials on H5P. While I am in general frustrated because of its lack of intuitive tools, awkward content input, and limited design capabilities, today I I have lost all confidence in this platform. I tried to delete a slide link in a presentation, and accidentally deleted the whole presentation. I have been working on that project for weeks. I have no way of retrieving it, even though I saved the short code separately in case of something like this happening. It is just gone. Forever. This program sucks, and now I can't even recover the work I've spent so many hours on. Why is there no way to retrieve deleted files? Why is it so easy to accidentally delete a file? That's ridiculous. The layout needs significant improvement, and there need to be more stops that confirm the desire to delete an entire presentation. If there is any way that you can retrieve my file, I would be very appreciative: [h5p id="761"]

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Hi Laurenebv,

I'm very sorry to hear that it seems you have lost a lot of work. Judging from the shortcode it looks like you are using a self hosted solution. You should reach out to those hosting H5P for you and ask them if they have some kind of trash folder implemented that they may restore  the content from, or if they have daily backups (it is a best practice to have daily backups for all publishing tools). If they have daily backups they will be able to restore the content for you.

We note the feedback about the deletion layout. How you permanently delete content varies from platform to platform, and in general we try to do it the way you delete other content on the same platform. It is also easy for the host to change how this look, feel and behave. We will certainly look to improve our default implementation going forward.

For customizing look and feel this guide may be relevant:

Any concrete feedback on how to make the authoring experience more intuitive would be appreciated, and I very much hope that you will be able to restore your content.

(If you're not self hosting, but using you can just ask your admin to restore the content for you from the trash folder)


I have literally just done the same thing. The layout is a geniune problem and needs to be changed.