Video not starting at beginning, starts at first interactive question

Hey guys. Just installed h5p in my moodle site, so far working great! But the one issue I'm having is this:

After I've created the video and the interactive questions, I save it, and then view it. As soon as I load the video, it starts playing at the time of the very first interactive question, instead of the beginning of the video. I want the video to start at 0:00, the beginning....not at the point of the first interactive question which is like 10 minutes into the video.

Anyone know what might be causing this?

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I think it was just starting from where I left off in the video while editing it...seems to be working okay now that I've logged in as a guest

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Hi cataxcourses,

I'm glad it is working now. If you have other questions feel free to post in the forums.