help wanted: How to create a "click this and you die"

I’m working on a game map using a diver in underwear game map. you are looking for the treasure chest.There is an octopus. I want them to able to click on the octopus - but if they do, they die. The game ends.Any suggestions?I tried the special stage and click Finish, but the results are not good.
the player can:1. Choose not to click on the finish and therefore not die.2. Or if they do click on the finish, the feedback is shown below.The player can still choose “not to die”. Is there any default, click - you lose and die? 

Readspeaker and Moodle compatibility

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Hi, I use Readspeaker (it's a piece of accessibility software that can read out loud text on screen).

I've noticed a few forum posts and even some feature improvement notices on the site that specifically mention the use of ReadSpeaker with H5P. I have a feeling this was related to either wordpress or drupal.