Convert html5 game to H5P


I am making an educational VR game using godot. I am able to export it to html5 and play it through the browser. Is there any way to turn it into H5P, so it would have automatic integration with moodle? I want it so that some actions taken within the game will register as 'test' answers or something similar, like keeping track of how many mistakes you did or how long you took. I am able to use javascript commands in the game code to send out such data.

HLS And dash Streaming Service Integration


Hi Folks,

I  am in process of integrating HLS with H5P but I am unable to find out the source from where you are creating video tags as the code related to  video tag is highly complicated. kindly help me out in finding the filename and line no from where it is originated. So that i can place my logic .

Thank You in Advance .


Moodle Developer