Virtual Tour - Set multiple starting points on Panorama

I’m currently building a Virtual Tour on H5P.

In some rooms of the Virtual Tour, I am using multiple 360 photos / panoramas, which are linked to each other.

The idea is that the user can navigate from Panorama 1 to Panorama 2, and from Panorama 2 back to Panorama 1 (and then back to Panorama 2 again).

When setting the starting point, there is no issue navigating from Pano 1 to Pano 2: the experience is fluid and the perspective is natural.

However, because there is only one fixed starting point allowed per panorama, when navigating from Pano 2 to Pano 1, the user is facing the wrong way when they arrive at Pano 1 (facing back towards Pano 2) which can be quite disorientating.

As a work-around I have duplicated Pano 1, creating a new Panorama called “Panorama 1 Back from 2”. When the user navigates from “Pano 2” back to “Panorama 1 Back From 2”, the new starting point is set and the movement feels natural again.

However, this works up until a point only: when moving from the duplicate Panorama forward again to Panorama 2, the starting point is facing the wrong way again. And despite changing the starting position and hitting “save”, Panorama 2 still faces the wrong direction.

I have found this problem arising consistently, and there’s also a post on the H5P Forum about the issue (Title: 360 Virtual Tour Starting Position Not Working).

This is a two-fold request:

  1. Fix the issue of changes to starting points not taking effect after clicking "Save and Return To Course / Save and Display"
  2. Allow the user to set custom / multiple starting points on a single panorama, depending from which other panorama it is navigated to

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Yes, those are really nice suggestion!