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Hi there,

Up to two weeks ago my H5P content was showing up fine in my LMS, but now only about half of the content shows up on the front end (some videos, some quizzes/activities, there isn't any consistency to what shows and what doesn't). Before they stopped showing up, I had a couple malicious files. I went into my File Manager, downloaded, cleared them, and re-uploaded everything and that's when it stopped working. I thought maybe something went missing in the process of downloading and re-uploading the site's files, but even when I started fresh by re-downloading from our H5P account and uploading the H5P activities into wordpress it doesn't show up. Could I have lost something else in the transfer?

you can see at the bottom of this page it says "practice below" and all there is below is an extra line above the end of the page.

I'm using Wordpress 5.5.1, H5P 1.15.0, LearnDash is my LMS

I've tried deactivating all the plug-ins to see if they were interferring, and I've tried other suggestions in this forum, no success yet.

Let me know if I can provide you with anymore information.

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Hi yasminee,

Would you mind providing the following:

  1. Any browser console errors
  2. Any PHP errors

Also the site that you provided needs a login to access.


Hi there,

I could not find any PHP errors - these are the browser console errors though:

SCRIPT_DEBUG did not work also.

I made a temporary login for H5P: Removed link for security

Let me know if I can provide anything else.



Now the H5P id insert is showing up for some, but the content is not