Unable to use AR Scavenger in Wordpress


I tried to use AR Scavenger on my Wordpress site. But I am getting an error that glb and gltf file types are not allowed.

So, I tried to whitelist these formats by editing the h5p.classes.php as suggested by Oliver here.


But when I try to save the changes, it is not happening. 

Please advise.

Help me adding an API into a DialogCards



I'm using Wordpress and an API to show a Tooltip on hovered text (chinese character). 

I try to create a Dialog Card quiz with a chinese character as the answer, and I want to show the tooltip when user hover the chinese text by using this API. The API work by adding these lines before </body> tag:

<script src="//mandarinspot.com/static/mandarinspot.min.js" charset="UTF-8"></script> <script>mandarinspot.annotate('.textClassName');</script>




I am trying to see the users' answers more clearly than in the additional plugin SNORDIAN's H5PxAPIkatchu or the results tab because we only see the last result and not all the tests passed in this quiz and its result mm as an administrator under Wordpress, we don't see other people's results

Is this just an adjustment that I don't understand?

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