Error in WPLMS course editing

I got a problem to upload media by using H5P.

1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)
  - When I create new course in WPLMS, I can see not the full UI(search bar, lists), but only 10 static contents.
  - I have hundreds of H5P contents, but I can't see the search bar and other content listings.

2. Platform and version number.
  - Wordpress v5.8.3

3. Use on Desktop

4. Browser: Chrome

5. H5P plugin version : v1.15.4 (not sure)

Multi-video page - videos freeze

Hello and thank you.  First post.

I have an educational website and about 60 H5P videos (each about 5 minute slong) with bookmarks.  They have their own home on a separate page on the site -- 1 video per page.

But it is useful to put them all on one page for a master search.  So I have about 60 videos on the page. I realize it's a lot but am trying to make it work.

H5P Mods Wordpress Plugin Master - color changing of button does not work

Hi to all,

I am running H5P on a WordPress-Website. I want to change the color of the button "Check" from blue into another color.

So I have installed the plugin "h5pmods-wordpress-plugin-master.zip" from https://github.com/h5p/h5pmods-wordpress-plugin.

I changed the "custom-h5p.css" like said in the documentation and uploaded the files into the directories.

But: Nothing happens. All buttons are still blue.