H5P not loading after Learnpress updates

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I'm using H5P content on an e-learning platform based on Learnpress and after LP (2022-07-05) updates I cannot use it any more, nothing could be loaded.
Platform wordpress 6.0.2 
Both in mobile and desktop
Browser: Brave and Firefox
H5P plugin version 1.15.4 and Learnpress - H5P content version 4.0.0
H5P content type and version: many types, interactive video, find the word. fill blank, hotspot, etc.

WordPress Video Player Issue

Hey there, I'm looking to fix an issue when using h5p videons my WordPress Website. 

On the h5p video, when I full screen and then rotate the device on mobile, the toolbar gets cut off and creates difficulty for people watching the video, as they can no longer view their time & it cuts off half the video. See attached for video recreating this.

Let me know if you know of a solution! Thanks.

H5P Hub does not appear


After downloading and activating the Plugin in Wordpress (latest version), I give my consent to h5p.org, by clicking the button and the H5P Hub doesn't show. I can't have access to the activities library.

I already deactivated all Plugins that I'm not using, just in case they were interfering with H5P plugin. It doesn't work either.

I'd really love to use your Plugin. How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance,