H5P Mods Wordpress Plugin Master - color changing of button does not work

Hi to all,

I am running H5P on a WordPress-Website. I want to change the color of the button "Check" from blue into another color.

So I have installed the plugin "h5pmods-wordpress-plugin-master.zip" from https://github.com/h5p/h5pmods-wordpress-plugin.

I changed the "custom-h5p.css" like said in the documentation and uploaded the files into the directories.

But: Nothing happens. All buttons are still blue.

(Memory Game) how to add more text into the description?


I am loving the Memory Game so far. I would like to add more content into the popup when tiles matches. At the moment is really short.

I am using it in Wordpress. Is that possible?

Many many thanks in advance!

PS: a WYSIWYG editor for the description would also be great