Important!!! Drag and Drop not working with touch screen/smart board. Help please...

None of the H5P drag-and-drop content types work on the SmartBoard. I tried using Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Is there a way to fix this or any workaround to get it working on a SmartBoard? I have implemented all the solution suggestions at https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-3063. The result has not changed. I also tried it on different operating systems such as windows, linux. The result has not changed. This problem needs to be resolved immediately.

Interactive Classes (Interactive Video, Presentation, Book)


I have been using H5P make my university online classes during the pandemic.
Mostly used interactive video and presentation for the class, and interactive book for the examinations.



I hope it can inspire others. Thank you for feed back.

Thank you for this great software.

I have H5P there and it won't let me see editing options

Hello. I have migrated my Wordpress server. I have H5P there and it won't let me see the editing options for the following interactive video, drag and drop, and Find Multiple Hotspots. I can't find out what happens and how to fix it. Please see attached image of the incomplete interface that appears to me and help me with the answer. Thanks.