PHP 8.1 Conflict (H5P WordPress Plugin)

The H5P WordPress plugin seems to conflict with PHP 8.1 and causes a fatal error when viewing rendered modules due to an array being passed to the property_exists() function.

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Install H5P WordPress plugin (v1.15.6) on a WP site running PHP 8.1
  • Attempt to preview any H5P content by clicking the title of a module on the wp-admin page H5P > All H5P Content

Platform and version number:
WordPress 6.1.1

H5P plugin version:

Problem in uploading H5P activity (80 Mo) via the H5P plugin in Wordpress

Dear all,

I have installed the H5P plugin in our WordPress (5.4.12).

I can only upload activities of +-7,5 Mo but I can't upload my H5P activities of +- 80 Mo.

The maximum upload speed of our server as well as WordPress are correctly configured.

I deduce that the problem comes from the plugin, is the H5P plugin of WordPress also affected by the 16 MB restriction as for H5P.org ?

How can I upload my larger activities via the H5P plugin?

Thank you for your attention to my problem.

Kind regards,

File is not allowed- AR Scavenger

dos's picture

Hi! Help is appreciated! I would like to use AR Scavenger but there is always shown: File isn't accepted- even when I uploaded glTF or glb, bin. Does somebody know what I am doing wrong? I downloaded the demonstration file from h5p- but it didn't work either. 

Is there a special ending the file has to have? 

Thank you in advance!