Please can you add 'You are leaving this page' dialogue box to Wordpress Plugin


I do a LOT of H5P work in Wordpress, and it's amazing.

However the biggest issue is that - if I accidentally click a link in the WP menu to the left, for example - the H5P editor page will navigate to there, with no warning about a loss of work. When you're 15 slides deep in to a Course Presentation, this can be very, VERY annoying!

I have trained myself to save regularly but a simple pop-up warning to say work will be lost would be invaluable. Could this happen purrrllllese?


Dan J

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Please teach me how to change storage url path to a different folder?

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First off, just want to express my gratitude to the great team of developers and other contributors making this jewel running. Thank you!

I'm using wordpress on my main domain. In my cpanel file manager, I can see that all h5p contents such as images are stored in wp-content/uploads/h5p/content/(folders)/filename.png.

I now have another separate domain where I copied all of these exact same folders/filenames with the only difference that, well, they're stored in a different domain.