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Have a look at this short video taken from my phone. I use H5P on my Wordpress website. When a quiz has been completed and I click CHECK ANSWERS (NAKIJKEN in Dutch) the button to RETRY (OPNIEUW in Dutch) is overlayling the button of showing the correct answers. The quiz is thus not responsive on my Google Pixel 4XL, or any mobile phone. How can I fix this? Can we downsize all the info in the button so that all three do fit next to each other?



audio support

Text questions are nice, sometimes we can have image or even video questions... But why not audio?

I'm a music teacher and I'm sad quiz plugins usually doesn't provide the option to have audio questions :( 

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Important!!! Drag and Drop not working with touch screen/smart board. Help please...

None of the H5P drag-and-drop content types work on the SmartBoard. I tried using Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Is there a way to fix this or any workaround to get it working on a SmartBoard? I have implemented all the solution suggestions at https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-3063. The result has not changed. I also tried it on different operating systems such as windows, linux. The result has not changed. This problem needs to be resolved immediately.