Large number of questions of the same type

We have a large number of questions (close to 750,000) and question types (close to 2,000). Is there a way to easily automate the creation of these without having to manually author each question?

Our objective is to display these questions in a WordPress based website and to be able to easily assess them using an existing system.

Add translating strings for the toolbar buttons „Reuse“, „Embed“ and „Rights of Use“


I'd like to be able to translate the toolbar buttons "Reuse", "Embed" and "Rights of Use" (including the followup-instruction pages), however the translation strings seem to be missing.

I use the latest H5P-plugin in the latest Wordpress version.

Best regards

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Embed Code in CMS and Trial Period Expiration

Hello, I have created an h5p game and embedded in a blog post however I noticed that my free trial expires in 24 days. Does this mean that after that date, the embed code will be broken, people won’t be able to access the game when they read the blog post? Please let me know ASAP!